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Cush Suspensions specializes in OEM and aftermarket suspensions for trucks and trailers to help drivers achieve optimized ride quality. We know that every driver is different, so we offer engineered-to-order suspensions along with our standard suspensions. At Cush, you will find the perfect suspension for you because we make it that way.

We also deliver reliability and durability because we make our suspensions out of the highest quality material, so they’re not only lightweight and strong, they’re made to last. Even though our suspensions are low maintenance, driving a lot of miles means you’ll probably have to service your suspension at one point or another, and we make that easy, too, with our industry standard replacement parts. These parts are easy to find and inexpensive to service or replace.

At Cush, we make our suspensions with durability, efficiency and affordability in mind because what we care about most is our customers’ ability to stay ahead of their competition – which helps us stay ahead of ours.

Company History

I started Cush in 2000 because I realized there was one thing no other suspension manufacturer was willing to offer: total customization. The other manufacturers tried to anticipate the customers’ needs. Sometimes this method brought the company pretty close to the right solution, but it can’t possibly provide the best solution for every customer. I wanted every customer to be able to get the right suspension for their preferences and their truck’s specifications, so I decided to start a suspension company that would make special suspensions for each customer that wanted them: engineered-to-order suspensions.

Now that Cush is entering 20 years in business, I know our customers really appreciate what we do for them. Along with innovation in our standard lineup of suspensions, we’ve consistently been able to provide our customers the things they truly need in a suspension. Because we use industry standard replacement parts and the best possible materials, our customers also appreciate the fact that the suspensions they get from Cush are long lasting and inexpensive to service and repair. I’m proud of our tradition of excellence here at Cush, and plan to make it our mission to continue to grow with our customers, providing them exactly what they need, for many years to come.

Jason Klein, President of Cush Suspensions
-Jason Klein, President

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