Trailer Air Suspension Top Mount

Our Trailer Top Mount line is always evolving to be the most competitive in price, weight and delivery. This market demands the best product choice for the right application, and our current trailer air suspension product line strives to have the best in class features and options for standard and custom applications.

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Trailer Air Suspension Low Mount

The Trailer Low Mount line has risen out of products designed for the Lowboy trailer market. We learned how to meet your needs for lighter weight, more travel and custom configurations. We offer axle connections to weld-on, u-bolt & weld, or integration of Cush or customer axle.

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Truck & Trailer Lift Axle Suspensions

We have fully integrated heavy-duty truck and trailer suspension lift kits or add-on lift kits for your new or existing suspensions.

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Suspension Air Control Kits

All air rides need an air control kit to operate properly. Our heavy-duty air ride suspensions are designed to have Height Control Valve mountings integrated for easy installation. With the right controls, your air ride suspension can increase the value of your vehicle.

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Custom Engineer to Order

As we move stronger into the mainstream truck and trailer suspension markets, we understand how we began and that we need to have part of our business come from custom designs.

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