Trailer Low Mount

The Trailer Low-Mount line has risen out of products designed for the Lowboy market.  We learned how to meet your needs for lighter weight, more travel and custom configurations.  We offer axle connections to weld-on, u-bolt & weld, or integration of Cush or customer axle.

CUSH Advantage Features:

  • Low Weight Optimized Durability
  • Time-Saving Installation Features
  • Axle Adjustment
  • Dual-Rate Bushing
  • Shear Away Pivot Bolt w/ Torque of 550 ft-lbs
  • Readily Available Replacement Parts
  • Integrated Height Control Valve Mounting

CLL CushLITE BigFOOT Trailer Low Mount (Full Wrap)

CLL CushLITE BigFOOT (Full Wrap)

Lowmount suspension designed with the features of the BigFOOT. Weld-on or bolt-on hanger options.

  • Features: “BigFOOT” Wide Grip Mounting_CushConnection 360_CushAlign V2.0_Solid Narrow Bushing_Large Bore Shocks_Industry Standard Replacement Parts
  • Options: Lift kit, hanger configurations, Cush or Customer supplied axle.
  • Capacity: 25,000 lbs
  • Ride Height: 6.0″ to 9.5″

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CP Competitor Series Trailer Low Mount (U-Bolted)

CP Competitor Series (U-Bolted)

Designed to replace HT250US & TA250U09 package and travel size. Shock placement allows top mounted brake chambers.

  • Features: Standard with dual u-bolts_Tall pivot hanger_flush shock mounts_Axle alignment
  • Options: Full 12″OD air spring top plate_Trac-Align Ecc Gear Pivot Kit_chain restraint or Nylon shock straps_Front crossmember_Front/Rear/Center lift kit
  • Capacity: 25,000 or 30,000lbs
  • Ride Height: 7″ to 10.5″

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CU Econo Trailer Low Mount

CU Econo

Cush line of Low Mount suspensions with value added features and options beyond competitive performace. Suspension builds upon the base Performace Package model.

  • Features: Standard with> Large bore HD shocks_Full 12″OD air spring top plate_Trac-Align Pivot Kit hardware_Non-captured weld-on only axle seat_Axle alignment of 0.75″ per hanger_Flush mount shock_Optimized lighweight design.
  • Options: Outside u-bolts @ axle seat(shown) in addition to capable weld-on axle seat_Integrated hanger to beam chain restraint(shown)_Rack-Lock plate at pivot(shown)_Nylon shock straps_Rear mount shocks_5.75″ OD axle seats_Front cross-member_Front-Rear-Center lift
  • Capacity: 25,000 or 30,000 lbs
  • Ride Height: 5″ to 9.5″

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Cush Low Mount CompacTRAC CLC

Cush Low Mount CompacTRAC CLC

Designed for 12.25″ brakes(17.5″ wheels). Optimized to get you the most ground clearance with high travel suspension. Can be ordered from factory with integrated front hanger dual air spring lift kit.

  • Features: Large bore HD shocks_Full 12″OD air spring top plate_Trac-Align Pivot Kit hardware_Non-captured weld-on axle seat_Axle alignment of 0.75″ per hanger_Integrated hanger to beam chain restraint_Flush mount shock_Optimized lighweight design
  • Options: Front dual air spring lift kit_ Outside u-bolts @ axle seat in addition to capable weld-on axle seat
  • Capacity: Suspension 25,000 lbs
  • Ride Height: 4.5″ to 7″

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CU_DB Disc Brake - Trailer Low Mount

CU_DB Disc Brake

Cush air ride suspension beam profiled to fit a disc brake axle/brake pod in a compact package. Standard with integrated shock mounting.

  • Features: 17.5/19/22.5 Disc Brake Axle_Swept back hanger for more clearance_Integrated HCV Mountings_Axle Alignment of +/-0.38”_Trac-Align Pivot Kit_Optimized Lightweight Design
  • Options: Nylon Shock Strap Kit_Cush Integrated Axle_HCV Air Control Kit_Integrated Chain restraint_Lift Axle Kits
  • Capacity: 25,000lbs. suspension rating
  • Ride Height: 5.5″ to 11″

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Performance Package, Trailer Low Mount

Performance Package, Low Mount

Our baseline low-mount suspension for air ride performance at the best price point for approved trailer OEMs.

  • Features: Non-captured axle seat_Axle alignment of +/-0.38″ at each hanger_Industry standard bushings & shocks_Auditorx shear-type pivot bolt @ 550ft*lbs_SecureLok pivot nut.
  • Options: Upgrades & lift kits are available for suspension options beyond the Performance Package. Cush integrated axle. Axle connection of weld-on or U-bolted style.
  • Capacity: 25,000 and 30,000 lbs
  • Ride Height: 6″ to 10″

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Suspension Low Mount with Integrated Lift Kit

Suspension with Integrated Lift Kit

Designed to be a compact lift axle for a Lowboy/Low Mount Trailer. Integrated to the hanger to reduce intallation time. Design has dual positive lift air springs, these eliminate lift chains or straps that stretch.

  • Features: Trac-Align Pivot Kit_Non-captured axle_Axle Alignment of +/-0.38”_Flush Mount Shock_Optimized Lightweight Design_Large Bore HD shock
  • Options: Dual U-Bolts, or Outside U-Bolts_Mount to 5.75″OD-30K Axles_Integrated Chain Restraint(shown)_Nylon Shock Straps_Air Control Kit for Lifting_w/o shocks
  • Capacity: 25,000 or 30,000 lbs
  • Ride Height: 5.5” to 13”

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Yoke Trailer Low Mounts

Yoke Low Mounts

Suspenison for transition area of Lowboy type trailers. We have over a dozen variations of yoke suspensions, this rear shock model is designed to open up the transition area of your lowboy trailer. Yokes with standard front shock also available.

  • Features: Full air spring top plate/shock bracket mounting_Trac-Align Pivot Kit hardware_Non-captured weld-on axle seat_Axle alignment of 0.75″ per hanger_Flush mount shock_Optimized lighweight design.
  • Options: Dual u-bolts_Outside u-bolts_ Integrated rear shock hanger to beam chain restraint(shown)_ Nylon shock straps_ Rear center lift kit_Pivot height of 8″ or 6.5″.
  • Capacity: 25,000 or 30,000 lbs
  • Ride Height: 6.0″ to 10″

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