Introducing the RideBest Series (CRB)

Interchangeable with RW 240 & 260 Models

More Suspension for Your Money!

The Cush RideBest (CRB) series uses wide bushing short beam air ride technology, capacities of 25,000 lbs. & 30,000 lbs, designed for the needs of 5″ to 26″ ride height trailer suspensions. 

RideBest Top-Mount

14″-26″ Ride Heights


25K to 30K Capacities

RideBest Low-Mount

5″-14″ Ride Heights


25K to 30K Capacities

RideBest Yoke-Mount

6″-10″ Ride Heights


25K to 30K Capacities

Uncompromised Value!

We combined our knowledge of features and options most requested by customers to offer an air-ride product that is best suited for their service duty at a Value-Balanced Price with our 12-Point Option Plan*. We do this while conscious of the competition so, we optimized our RideBest models to Plug-N-Fit of competition “R” and use “Will Fit” service parts that are readily available in the market.

                                                      Cush RideBest (CRB) Product Series Flyer

Service Duties Available for Cush RideBest (CRB):



                  Linehaul to Vocational


             Equivalent to RW Model 260



                     Vocational to Severe


               Equivalent to RW Model 240



                    Severe to Extreme


                 *Cush Only Exclusive!

Why Ride Well When You Can RideBest with Cush?

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